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Thursday, August 12, 2021

B.A./B.Sc. (General) 3rd Semester Examination

(For B.A. only and Shastri 3rd Semester)

Time: 3 Hours] [Max. Marks: 45

Note:- (i) All questions are compulsory. 

(ii) Parts of a question should be attempted together.


1. Reference to the context :

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence; 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less travelled by, 

And that has made all the difference.


I, too sing America.

I am the darker brother,

They send me to eat in the kitchen

When company comes,

But I laugh, 

And eat well,

And grow strong.

2. Answer any five short answer type questions in about 50–60 words each :

(i) What are the activities of Autumn described in the second stanza of the poem "Ode to Autumn? 

(ii) What aspect of Autumn is described in the first stanza? 

(iii) In the poem “The Road Not Taken which option does the traveller choose? Why? 

(iv) Why does one road have the better claim? 

(v) How does money affect us according to the poem 'Money Madness'?

(vi) Explain ‘Vast Collective Madness'. 

(vii) Explain 'Sing America' as in poem I, Too.

(viii) Give the significance of the title of the poem 'I, Too'. 5x2=10 ]

3. Answer any two of the following in 100-120 words: 

(i) Draw a character sketch of Mr. Kelada in the story 'Mr. Know-All'. 

(ii) Discuss some of the challenges Ray took up in film-making. 

(iii) Explain the significance of the title of the story 'Not Just Oranges' 

(iv) Discuss with examples the force with which the narrator propagates his mission in 'A Talk on Advertising.   3x2=6 

Section- B 

4. Read the following passage and make notes on any one of the following using headings and subheadings :

I did not like Mr. Kelada.

I not only shared a cabin with him and ate three meals a day at the same table, but I could not walk round the deck without his joining me. It was impossible to snub him. It never occurred to him that he was not wanted. He was certain that you were as glad to see him as he was to see you. In your own house, you might have kicked him downstairs and slammed the door in his face without the suspicion dawning on him that he was not a welcome visitor. He was a good mixer, and in three days knew everyone on board. He ran everything. He managed the sweeps, conducted the auctions, collected money for prizes at the sports, got up quoit and golf matches, organized the concert, and arranged the fancy-dress ball. He was everywhere and always. He was certainly the best-hated man in the ship. We called him Mr. Know-All, even to his face. He took it as a compliment. But it was at mealtimes that he was most intolerable. For the better part of an hour then he had us at his mercy. He was hearty, jovial, loquacious, and argumentative. He knew everything better than anybody else, and it was an affront to his overweening vanity that you should disagree with him. He would not drop a subject, however unimportant, till he had brought you round to his way of thinking. The possibility that he could be mistaken never occurred to him. He was the chap who knew. We sat at the doctor's table. Mr. Kelada would certainly have had it all his own way, for the doctor was lazy and I was frigidly indifferent, except for a man called Ramsay who sat there also. He was as dogmatic as Mr. Kelada and resented bitterly the Levantine's cocksureness. The discussions they had were acrimonious and interminable.


But the great evil of advertising is not that it is unproductive and wasteful; were it so, it would be no worse than idleness. No. Advertising blasts everything that is good and beautiful in this land with a horrid spreading mildew. It has tarnished Creation. What is sweet to any of you in this world? Love? Nature? Art? Language? Youth? Behold them all, yoked by advertising in the harness of commerce. Aurora Dawn! Has any of you enough of an ear for English to realise what a crime against the language is that (trade) name? Aurora is the dawn. The redundancy should assail your ears like the shriek of a bad hinge. But you are so numbed by habit that it conveys no offence. So it is with all your barbarities. Shakespeare used the rhyming of *double' and 'bubble' to create two immortal lines in Macbeth. You use it to help sell your Dubl-Bubl Shampoo, and you have no slightest sense of doing anything wrong. Should someone tell you that language is the Promethean fire that lifts man above the animals and that you are smothering the flame in mud, you would stare. You are staring. Let me tell you without images, then that you are cheapening speech until it is ceasing to be an honest method of exchange, and that the people, not knowing that the English in a radio commercial is meant to be a lie and the English in the President's speech which follows a truth, will, in the end, fall into a paralysing scepticism in which all utterance will be disbelieved.   4

5. (a) Complete the following sentences using the appropriate non-finite forms of verbs in brackets : 

(i) She can't bear ............. separated. (be) 

(ii) ............. gained truth, keep truth. (have) 

(iii) ............ on the grass is forbidden. (walk) 

(iv) The late comes were .......... (fine) 

(v) I love ............. old movies. (see)   5

(b) Punctuate the following: my father can't think very well said George he gave me a twenty-pound note to buy a card at a flower shop but it's a long way to the flower shop and gave me nothing to pay for a taxi I must keep this money to pay for the card so I will have to walk all the way there then after I buy the card, I will have to walk all the way back   5

(c) Do as directed : 

(1) He failed in spite of hard work. (Complex) 

(ii) If you search his pocket, you will find the watch. (Compound) 

(iii) He jumped up. He ran away. (Simple) 

(iv) This box is so heavy that I can't carry it. (Rewrite with too')

(v) I am as strong as he. (Comparative degree) 

(vi) She is not so clever as some other girls of the class. (Superlative degree) 

(vii) Let me be helped, please. (Imperative Active Voice)

(viii) She said, "You know me well." (Indirect)

(ix) He is very nice. (Exclamatory)

(x) The teacher asked Ravi if he could read that map. (Interrogative)    10


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