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Saturday, February 27, 2021

 B.A./B.Sc. (General) 1" Semester

1128 ENGLISH (Elective)

[Time Allowed: Three Hours] [Maximum Marks: 90 

Note :- 

(1) ALL questions are compulsory. 

(2) Attempt all the parts of a question together.


1. Attempt any five literary terms/concepts (not more than 50-60 words each) 

(i) Sonnet 

(ii) Dramatic Monologue

(iii) Free verse

(iv) Mock-Epic

(v) Negative Capability

(vi) Imagery 

(vii) Paradox

(vii) Ambiguity.

2. Attempt ten short questions in 30-40 words each:

i) Who does the article tell us more about, Inzamam or Mujtaba? Who are you more interested in? Why? (Inzy lets things flow over him) 

ii) Why do you think Soraya runs away with Mr. Sengupta? (Haroun and the sea of stories) 

iii) Discuss the theme of the poem "Sister”

(iv) Comment on the title 'A Ten Day Fast'. 

(v) Write a short note on the value system that Subroto Bagchi and his brother learnt from their mother in 'Go kiss the world.

(vi) How is Amalkanti's dream different from that of the other boy in the class? What does it tell us about him? (vii) What are the important points of Kalpana Sharma's treatment of evil of dowry? 

(viii) Do you think that Abhay is adequately punished by the end of the story or do you think he deserves more? (Chocolate)

(ix) Bring out the main ideas in the poem “To Mother" 

(x) Gaviri has been educated in the school of life. What are some of the lessons she has learned? (Soapnut leaves)

(xi) How did Mary Maloney murder her husband? (Lamb to the slaughter) 

(xii) Why does the child make such strange and fantastic excuses in the poem “Some People"?

3 Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow at the end :

Some of us wanted to be teachers, 

Some doctors, some lawyers, 

Amalkanti didn't want to be any of these. 

He wanted to be sunlight .... 

The timid sunlight of late afternoon, 

When it stops raining

And the crows call again, 

The sunlight that clings like a simile

To the leaves of the jam acid and the jaamrul 

Read the above lines of the poem and answer the following questions : 

i) Name the title of the poem and its poet. 

(ii) What career did some of the classmates of Amalkanti want to choose? 

(iii) What kind of career Amalkanti chose for himself 

(iv) What is the significance of Sunlight? 

(v) What is sunlight after the rains compared to?


English Honours turns out to be not such a soft option after all. She had never thought reading could be so strenuous. Literature didn't seem to be about stories. All the emphasis was on ideas, history, context, Marxist-feminist interpretations, and a pursuit of meaning that went beyond the obvious into the totally obscure.

Tara spends her time in college going to films with her friends, bunking classes. She complains to her mother about how hard her teachers expect her to work. Her mother consoles her. She has to somehow graduate, then she will get married.

The wedding preparations coincide with the preparation leave for the exams.

What to do Beti ?' Her mother says when Tara protests. 'I know it is a bad time for you but then these are the auspicious dates.

But Amma, how will I study?' complains Tara. *Well the boy is good. And the family is very keen. Some things cannot be put off.

Read the above passage and answer the following questions : (15)

i) Who was Tara? And what course did she choose at college?

ii ) What did Tara discover about Literature?

(iii) On what was the emphasis in English Honours course?

(iv) How did Tara's Mother convince her for marriage?


Imagine you are Amarjit Singh, living at 517-M, Urban Estate, Batala. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper pointing out the growing incidence of drug menace in India. (10)


Write a Letter to the Postmaster-General, concerning a lost money order 

5. (A) Applied Grammar :

(a) Change the voice :

(i) How do you know it? 

(ii) His success amazed us 

(iii) I have not seen it. 

(iv) The tiger has horrified the child.

(v) Call the carpenter 

(b) Change the Narration :

i) She said, "What a lovely scene!" 

ii) I said to him, "Don't worry about me." 

iii) The doctor said, “That is fine." 

iv) He said, "I take a morning walk daily".  (v) She said, “My son, may you live long".

(c) Transform the sentences: 5x3=15

i) How fine it is today! (Change into Assertive) 

ii) Sham is cleverer than Amit. (Change into degree of comparison) 

(ii) Death is dreadful. (Change into exclamatory) 

(iv) He was too gentle to hit anybody. (Remove too) 

(v) Everyone loves his country. (Change into negative)

(d) Fill in the blanks :

i) He is_____Newton of his age. (article)

ii)____take it or leave it. (conjunction) 

iii) He is above board_____his dealings. (preposition) 

(iv) French is ____casy language. (article) 

(v) Wait here_____I come back (preposition) 

(vi) It looks like____good things.(article) 

(vii) He is devoid____ all sense. (preposition) 

(vii) We owe a duty____ our country. (preposition) 

(ix) Many things have happened____ I saw you last. (conjunction)

6. (A) Give antonyms :

i) majority 

(ii) survive 

(iii) prologue 

(iv) victory 

(v) polite. 

(B) Use the following in your sentences :

i) Give up 

ii) Be out 

iii) Call for 

(iv) Set out 

(v) Think over


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