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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration 3rd Semester
English and Business Communication Skills
Time allowed: 3 Hours] [Max. Marks: 45

NOTE: Attempt all questions. Attempt all the parts of a question together. Write in a neat and legible hand

Section - A

1. Answer any two questions in about 100 - 200 words each:-

a) Why does Della count her money again and again? Does this action reflect the state of her mind?

b) Why did Alan Trevor like Hughie?

c) What qualities of head and heart made Vikramaditya a well-loved king?

d) What 'sub-story' does Eleanor tell Bertram and with what motive?

II. Answer any one of the following in 300-350 words:-

a) The two women in the story 'Fur' are a study in contrast. How do they differ from each other?

b) Did Jim and Della sell their dearest possessions to no purpose?

III. Read the given passage and answer the questions:-

Man has become very busy because he is always after material success. He has no time to stand and stare and think of the significance of life. The cult of modem civilization is work. Wastage of a single minute is considered a crime. We have forgotten the uses of leisure. That is any modern man is a victim of neurosis, depression and hurry and worry. Today we always think of success. The idea of success is unlimited and so the time devoted to attain success is infinite. The result is that modern man is always under stress and strain, not realizing the value of leisure in daily life. He doesn't devote time to self-introspection and is always restless, leisure in life is so important that it gives man time to plan things in calm and quite manner.

IV. In fact aggressiveness and restlessness are the banes of modern civilization. One must know that without proper leisure success has no meaning. According to an American writer the Devil is the busiest creatures in the world. The divine in man loses its significance. Success in life is measured in terms of money. The idea of success has made us selfish without moral and social obligations. The uses of the leisure are many. We can devote leisure to humanitarian work. It leads to lasting peace of mind. Money can buy pleasure but not happiness and freedom from anxiety and strain. Leisure spreads sunshine in our lives and those of others. One can use leisure for mental and spiritual development. Therefore, one must spare some time for higher activities and create mode of life.


a) What is the situation of man in this material world?

b) What is the cult of the modern civilization?

c) What is the result of man's clamoring for success?

d) What is the importance of leisure in life?

e) List three uses of leisure in life.

Match the words in Column - A with their meaning in Column - B.


Section - B

V. You are unable to execute an order by due date. Write a letter to your customer expression regrets and explaining why delay is unavoidable. Ask for extension of seven days’ time.


Write a letter to a bank for a loan for your business concern.

VI. Draft any four of the following:-

a) Write a memo to the head accountant for not submitting the bills on time.

b) Draft a tender notice for improvement and raising of a stretch of road.

c) Draft an auction notice for the sale of a plot of land.

d) Draft a public notice for a free vaccination camp

e) Draft an advertisement for a special sale of foot wears.

VII. Attempt the following:-

a) Objectives of communication

b) Upward and downward communication.

3. A production manager wants to assign one of the five new methods to each of the four operations. The following table summarizes the weekly output in units. 


Cost per unit is Rs 20, selling price per unit is Rs 30. Find the maximum profit per month.

4. Solve the following game by odds method


5. Write short note on zero sum game.

6. Explain the objectives of operations research.

Section - B

1. A firm makes two types of furniture i.e. chairs and tables. The contributions for each product as calculated by accounting department are Rs 20 per chair and Rs 30 per table. Both products are processed on three machines M1, M2 and M3. The time required by each product and total time available per week on each machine are as follows:


Using simplex method determine, how should the manufacturer schedule his production in order to maximize contribution?

8. A company has three plants at locations A, B and C which supply to warehouses located at D, E, F,G and H. monthly plant capacities are 800, 500 and 900 units respectively. Monthly warehouse requirements are 400, 400, 500, 400 and 800 units respectively. Unit transportation costs (in Rs) are given below:


Determine an optimum distribution for the company in order to minimize the total transportation cost.

9. A company has four vehicles to be run on four routes. The distance (in kms) for each route and the kms run litre of disel for each vehicle in each of the routes are given below. Drivers are associated with the trucks.


Which vehicle should be assigned to which route in order to minimize the total consumption of diesel by all the four vehicles?

10. Define operations research. Explain the scope and significance of operations research.

Section - C

11. There are eight activities in a project having following characteristics:


a. Draw the PERT network for the project

b. Prepare the activity schedule for the project. c. Determine the critical path.

12. Use the graphic method to solve the following game


13. A ready-made garments manufacturer has to process five items through 2 stages of production, viz. cutting and sewing. The time taken for each of these items at the different stages is given below (in hours):


Find an order in which these items should be processed so as to minimise the total processing time. Also calculate the various idle times.

14. Differentiate between PERT and CPM. Explain different type of floats.


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