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Monday, September 5, 2016

S.B. Roll No.
3rd Exam/Comp/IT/0090/Dec’08
Duration : 3 Hrs.
Note: Any required data not explicitly given , may be suitably assumed and stated.

1.     Chose the correct or best alternative in the following

a.     Which of the following is a reason to model data?
                                                             i.      Understand each user’s perspective of data
                                                           ii.      Understand the data itself irrespective of the physical representation
                                                        iii.      Understand the use of data across application areas
                                                        iv.      All of the above
b.     If an entity can belong to only one lower level entity then the constraint is
                                                             i.      Disjoint
                                                           ii.      Partial
                                                        iii.      Overlapping
                                                        iv.      Single
c.      The common column is eliminated in
                                                             i.      Theta join
                                                           ii.      Outer join
                                                        iii.      Natural join
                                                        iv.      Composed join
d.     In SQL. Testing whether a sub query is empty is done using
                                                             i.      Distinct
                                                           ii.      Unique
                                                        iii.       Null
                                                        iv.      Exists
e.      Use of UNIQUE while defining an attribute of a table in SQL means that the attribute value are
                                                             i.      Distinct values
                                                           ii.      Cannot have NULL
                                                        iii.      Both (a) and (b)
                                                        iv.      Same is primary key
f.       The cost of reading and writing temporary files while evaluating a query can be reduced by
                                                             i.      Building indices
                                                           ii.      Pipelining
                                                        iii.      Join ordering
                                                        iv.      None of the above
g.     A transaction is in _________ state after the final statement has been executed.
                                                             i.      Partially committed
                                                           ii.      Active
                                                        iii.      Committed
                                                        iv.      None of the above
h.     In multiple granularity of locks SIX lock is compatible with
                                                             i.      IX
                                                           ii.      IS
                                                        iii.      S
                                                        iv.      SIX
i.       The statement that is executed automatically  by the system as a side effect of the modification of the database is
                                                             i.      Backup
                                                           ii.      Assertion
                                                        iii.      Recovery
                                                        iv.      Trigger
j.        The normal form that is not necessarily dependency preserving is
                                                             i.      2NF
                                                           ii.      3NF
                                                        iii.      BCNF
                                                        iv.      4NF

Section –B

Note: Answer all questions. Each question carries 6 marks.
a.     Briefly describe the different kinds of users of a DBMS.
b.     Explain the following. Give an example.
                                                             i.      Superkey
                                                           ii.      Weak entity set
                                                        iii.      Attribute inheritance
                                                             i.      Define the concept of aggregation. Give two example where this concept is useful.
                                                           ii.      Define the following
1.     A relation.
2.     Atom of domain relational calculus.
d.     Derive the union rule, decomposition rule and the pseudo transitivity rule using the three Armstrong’s  axioms.
e.      Define multi valued dependency. What do understand by trivial multivalve dependency?
f.       Given R(A, B, C, D,E ) and  M the set of multi valued dependencies
                                                             i.      A →→ BC
                                                           ii.      B→→CD
                                                        iii.      E→→AD
Is R in 4NF? Justify your answer. If is not, decompose R into 4NF

Section –C

Note: Attempt any two questions

3.     Given the relations R(A, B, C) and S (C,D,E,F) given an expression in tuple relational calculus that is equivalent to each of the following.

a.     II ABC (R)
b.     σ E=10(S)
c.      R∞ S
d.     R
4.     Given the relations Staff (staff No, position, salary) and property ( number , rent, staff No) given below. The staff looks after a given property.

staff No                position                salary
                             manager               50000.00
                             assistant               15000.00
                             supervisor            25000.00
                             manager               45000.00

          Number                rent                                staffno
          PA14                    5000.00                         SL21
          PG4                      6000.00                         SG5
          PL94                    10000.00                       SL21

Give the result table for the following SQL          queries

i.                   SELECT          position, COUNT(Staff NO) AS POS, my count
FROM             Staff
ii.                 SELECT          staff no
FROM             staff
WHERE          salary>(SELECT AVG(salary) FROM staff)
iii.              SELECT          staff no
FROM             property
GROUP BY    staff no
HAVING         COUNT(*)>1
iv.              INSERT INTO          staff no
VALUES         (‘SG33, assistant’)
a.     Describe the four main ways of optimizing disk block access.
b.     Describe the algorithm for updating indices for a single level index when a record is
                                                             i.      Inserted
                                                           ii.      Delected

What will be the modification if there are multilevel indices.


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