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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Roll no.                                                                                                                                                 Totle  no. of pages: 02                                                                                                                                                             Totle no. of questions: 08
M.TECH(PE) (Sem.  3rd)
Subject code: PE-522
Paper ID: [E0579]

Time: 3 Hrs.                                                                                                 Max Marks:  100
1.     Attempt any five question of eight questions
2.    Each  questions carry TWRNTY marks

a)                    What are the vsrious distinguihing features that diffrentiate TCP/IP srvices  from the other network services? Explain in detail.                     

b)                   If you have an account on a host  connected to the world wide internet. What is its an account on a host  connected to the worldwide Internet. What is its primary IP address ? is the host connected to the worldwide Internet? Is it multihomed?                                                

c)                    Diferentiate  between internet  and Ineternet. Also discuss the application layer level services provided by Internet.                            

a)    Calculat the maximum number of class A,B, and C netwoprk IDs.                  

b)   Why a data lin laer switch is perferred over the hub?                       

c)    Whict device needed to connect tw LANs with different network IDs?     

d)   When a translating bridge is used?                                             

e)    Differentiate between de facto and de jure.                                     

f)     What is an Internet draft? Discuss the various maturitty levels of  Request for comment (RFC).       
a)    If Ethernet frames are send over an OC-92  leased circuit, how  long dose  it take  to transmit the largest possible frame and the smallest  possible frame? (note exclude the preamble from  your calculations)                                 

b)   Find the layer bound on the time it takes to transfer a  5magabyte file across a network that operate at 28.8 kbps , 1.54 mbps, 10 mbps, 100 mbps and 2.4 GBps.                                                                                              

c)    What capability dose a VLAN switch add to a conventional switch ?              

a)    Why do you think that an Ethernet frame should have a maximum data  size?

b)   Imagine the length of a 10BASE5 cable is 2500 meters, If the  she speed of  propagation in a thick  coaxial  cable is 200,000,000 meters / see, how  long dose it take for a  bite to travel from the begging to the end  of the  network? Ignore any propagation delay in the  equipment.`                             

c)    An ethernet MAC sublayer receives 42 bytes of data from LLC sublayer. How many bytes of padding must be added to data?                          

d)   Compare and contrast  CSMA/CD with CSMA/CA.                      

a)    Dose network standard byte order differ from your local machine’s byte order? comment .                                                                   

b)   How many IP addresses would be needed to assign a unique IP address to every house in your country and the world ? Is the IP adderss space sufficient?  

c)    A machine readable list of assigned adderesses is sometimes called an internet host table . If your site has a host table , find out how many class A,B and C network  numbers have been assigned .                                         
a)    ARP (Adderss Resolutin Protocol) is often sited as a security weakness . Explain why?                                                                       

b)   One common algorithm for managing the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache replaces the least recently used entery when adding a new  one. Under what sicumstanes can this algorithm produces unnecessary network traffic?

c)    If we extended the domain namer systax to incloude a dot after the lop level domain, name and abbreviations would be unnambiguous. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the extension?                        

A.   Should a router give ICMP message priority over normal traffic? Why or   why not?                                                                         

B.    Should ICMP error messages contain a timestamp that specifies when they are send? Why or why not?                                                        

C.   Explain the various layer of X.25 and its  relations to the ISO model.               

D.   What is the basic of classification for the four types of links defined by OSPF?

E.    Discuse the various types of OSPF packets.                                 

A.   Does the PGP (Pretty good Privacy) need the services of a KDC (Key Distribution Cente)?Explain your answer.                                                       

B.    Give to reasons why group of people who administer and organization’s security policies should be separate from the group of people who administer the organization ‘s computer and network systems.                    

C.   Some organiation’s user firewalls to isolate group of users internally. Give example of ways that internal firewalls  can improve network performance and examples of ways internal firewalls can D grade network performance .                                                                                                 


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