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Monday, December 7, 2015

Roll No. ………………………………………………………………………………………Total No. of Questions: 05
B. Tech/ B.Com/ B. Arch (Sem.-1st/ 2nd)
Subject Code: BTHU-101
Paper ID: [A1103]
Time: 3 Hrs.                                                        Max. Marks: 60
1) All questions are compulsory.
Q. 1. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:
          Targets set by policy makers to slow global warming are too soft to         prevent more heat
          waves and extreme temperatures in the US within a few years, with grim           consequences for
          human health and farming. A study warned this week.
          Although the US and more than 100 countries agreed in Copenhagen last          year to take action
          to  reduce  greenhouse  gas  emissions  so  as  to  hold  the  increase  in    global  temperature  below
          two  degrees  celcius, a  study  conducted  by  Stanford  University          scientists  showed  that  mightnot be enough.
          Stanford  earth  sciences  professor  Noel  Deffenbaugh  wrote  in  the  study            published  in
          Geophysical  Research  Letters.  That  ‘Constraining global  warming  to           two  degrees celsius
          above pre-industrial conditions may not be sufficient to avoid dangerous          climate change.
          “In  the  next  30  years,  we  could  see  an  increase  in  heat  waves  like          the  one  now  occurring  in
          the  eastern  US  or  the  kind  that  swept  across  Europe  in  2003  that          caused  thousands  of
          fatalities,” said Deffenbaugh, lead author of the study. ‘Those kinds of     severe heat events put
          enormous  stress  on  major  crops  like  corn,  soyabean,  cotton,  and  wine     grapes,  causing  a
          significant reduction in yield’ he said.
          Deffenbaugh used two dozen climate models to project what could happen        in the US if
          carbon dioxide emissions cause temperatures to rise 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit       between 2010 and
          2039 a likely  scenario,  according  to  the  UN’s  International  panel  on          climate change.  If  that
          occurs, the mean global temperature in 30 years would be about 2 degrees        celsius hotter than
          in the pre-industrial era of the 1850s.
          (i) Which of the following can be inferred from the first paragraph of the passage? (a) In the coming years, global warming is likely to become more    intense as the changes seen
          on the sun are getting virulent by the day.
          (b) The measures promised by the US and the other 100 countries at the Copenhagen are not
          being followed.
          c) In the next couple of years, the global warming is going to go soft on   earth.
          (d) The measures agreed to be adopted by the US and other 100 countries at     the Copenhagen
          are too soft to check global warming.
          (ii) With which of the following possibilities of global warming is the author     of the passage most
          likely to disagree? (a) Heat waves are likely to cause a large number of     fatalities in the US in the years to come.
          (b) The temperature rise on the earth’s surface is likely to harm farming in a     crucial way.
          (c) The steps proposed at Copenhagen are likely to reverse the pattern of          global warming in
          the next 30 years.
          (d) In the next 30 years the earth’s surface is likely to get warmer by two          degree celcius than
          what it was in the pre-industrial era of 1850s.
          (iii) What has been suggested in the study published in Geophysics Research    Letters as cited in
          the passage? (iv) What action did the US and 100 countries agreed to take at           Copenhagen?
          (v) What has been predicted for the next 30 years in the research reported in     the passage.
          Q. 2.  (a) Use the following words in meaningful sentences of your own
          Sustainable, rollout, exceedingly, crucial, rupture.
          (b) Do as Directed
          (i) Over thirty years ______ encroachments had turned their 1000 years old,    27 acre water tank____ a ruin and choked water supply.
           (fill in appropriate preposition) (ii) The committee ______ divided on minor    issue. (supply a verb in agreement with the subject)
          (iii) Canvass, Canvas (Use these words in sentences of your own to bring out   their meaning clearly)
          (iv) Oxygen and water sustain life on earth.
          (Rewrite the sentence as complex sentence
          (v) If all people had food to eat ______
          (Complete the sentence with suitable clause)
          Q. 3.  Do  you  think  government  should  spend  large  amount  of  money               to  buy  or  develop  modern
          technology,  or should that money  be spent  for the upliftment of masses.        Which one of these
          options do you support? Use specific examples and reasons to explain your     answer
 Q. 4.          Now a days Indian Market is flooded with wide variety of mobiles However     the land phones
          have  their  own  advantages.  Keeping  in  mind  the  competition  with  the     mobiles, BSNL  has
          launched land phones with extra facilities so as to cater to the requirements      of the potential
          customers.  Now  as  a  sales  manager  of  BSNL,  write  a  letter  to  the          manager  of  a  company
          promoting the sale of land phones. Invent necessary details.
 Q. 5. The  centre  for  Social  Research  Chennai,  is  conducting  an       independent            research  in           “Reasons
          of increasing use of violent means among Youths as part of this research,         views of people of
          different age-groups from 10 metropolitan cities have been ascertained. The      tabulated data are
          presented below:
Faculty legal System

Easy Access of Arms


Unitary Famity
Assuming yourself t o be the chief investigator, prepare an analytical report to be submitted to
the director of the centre, using the data your report should contain Introduction, Discussion,

conclusion and Recommendations.




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