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Monday, December 7, 2015

Roll No……….
Total No. of Questions: 05
B.Com. (Sem.-1st)
SUBJECT CODE: BCOM-105 (2011 Batch)
PAPER ID: [B1105]
Time: 3 Hrs.                                                                           Max. Marks: 60

Q1.    Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end.
          Human beings are  diurnal animals; yet we do not rest even at night.        Sometimes this is out of sheer necessity, after all, nurses have to look after    patients even at 3 am and engineers have to monitor power plants to ensure        the light comes on when we switch on our beside lamps.  However, some   nocturnal activities are based on the notion that absolutely everything should   be available at all times.  People are increasingly writing emails, blogging,     playing computer games and even making bank transfers while the world           around them is asleep.
          Life is rhythm.  The rotation of the planet on its axis gives rise to the never       ending alternation of light and dark, mirrored by the organisms  that have           evolved  here on earth as they swing between sleep and wakefulness,     between exertion and rest.  For the longest time in the history of our species.  Home sapiens has followed this natural rhythm.  But for the last 130 years or   so, we have increasingly  banished the darkness with the flick of a switch,     disregarding this fundamental cycle.
          Biologists warn us that anyone who thinks they can ignore this biological         routine is sadly mistaken.  Leading a life that goes against one’s inner clock, exposing oneself to’ light when there should be darkness, is ultimately       harmful to one’s health.  For some time now, scientists have been wondering         if the constant illumination – light pollution- is enough to plunge the human          organism into time chaos.  If we were to give our inner clock free rein, it       would seriously disturb our daily life.  Each day our waking phase would         become a little longer.  Soon we would be attained to activity in the middle    of the night and then again during the day.  No living being would survive    long in the natural world if this were the case.  Hence there must be a    mechanism setting our inner clock, which synchronises our daily cycle –        with the rotation of the earth, ‘working in the day; night time.
          (a) How does the passage describe light pollution?
          (b) Why do people work at night?
(c) How does excessive use of light affect human beings.
(d) Which of the following two statements about ‘inner clock’ are true?
(i) It has been set in the last 130 years of human existence.
(ii) Resetting if a fresh would bring disaster to human life.
(iii) Its cycle coincides with the day and night cycle of the earth.
(iv) It can be changed according to the life rhythm of human beings.
(v) It should be reset according to the way we use artificial light.
(c) Which of the following two determine the natural rhythm of life
( i) work and rest
(ii) sleep and wakefulness
(iii) day and night
(iv) rotation of the earth
(v) light and darkness

Q2. (a) Use of the following words in meaningful sentences.
          Prerequisite; domain; coveted; scanty; standout.
        (b)  Fill the blanks as directed to complete the following sentences .
          (i)      Tagore`s other works ____________some songs , sculptures and                      paintings  are also  selling well. ( use a conjunction)
          (ii)     _________ the increasing risk of terrorist , people are scared of                        flying.
          (iii)    The driver ___________(not stop) the car when was talking on the                             mobile . (use the appropriate tense from )
          (iv)    Domestic garbage _________ (collect ) in green boxes by the                                       corporation . ( use the appropriate present  tense from )
          (v)     Social scientists could not _________the impact that internet was                     going to make . (use  the appropriate from of ‘visual’)
Q3)    Shops and attitude to shopping in India have changed drastically in recent        years. Compare the different ways men and women have been affected by          these changes ?Give your reasons with examples . Your write- up should be         between 250-300 words .
Q4)    Your neighbouing state has suffered a serious earthquake . There is death
          and destruction all around .Write a letter to a volunteer organization offering    your services for visit and help . In your latter describe the service that you     can render along with the dates when you will be free to join the group .
Q5)    A group conducted a survey of a number of students in a college with the          purpose of relating their weight ,personality , eating habits , physical activity        with   their academic performance .They presented their findings in the form of a chart below .Make a report in about 250 words summarising  their findings and showing the  relationships that exist between different categories

Number in
Personality details
Calorie intake
Physical exercise
Classroom performance

Above 70kg
Loud and lazy
56-70 kg
Jealous and
I hours,walking,
Jogging ,
And helpful
Half hour,
Yoga ,


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