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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

1st Exam/Common/5403/0351/Dec’11

Duration: 21/2 Hrs.                                                                 Max. Marks: 75

1. Mercury thermometers can be used to measure temperature upto
a. 100oC
b. 212oC
c. 500oC
d. 360oC
2. If a bimetallic strip is heated it will
a. twist itself into a helix
b. not bend at all
c. bend towards the metal with lower thermal expansion coefficient
d. bend towards the metal with higher thermal expansion coefficient
3. The process by which sun’s rays reach the earth is
a. radiation
b. conduction
c. convection
d. diffusion
4. The velocity of heat radiation in vacuum is
a. equal to that of light
b. less than that of light
c. greater than that of light
d. equal to that of sound
5. By increasing the temperature of a liquid is
a. volume and density decrease
b. volume and density increase
c. volume increases and density decreases
d. volume decreases and density increases
6. In Searle’s method for finding conductivity of metals, the temperature     gradient along the bar
a. is greater near the hot end
b. is greater near the cold end
c. is same at all points along the bar
d. increases as we go from hot end to cold end
7. The thermometer suitable to measure 2000oC is
a. gas thermometer
b. mercury thermometer
c. vapour-pressure thermometer
d. total radiation pyrometer
8. A piece of ice at 0oC is put into a vessel containing water at 0oC. The ice           will
a. melt
b. slightly melt
c. not melt
d. vanish in no time
9. Two bodies are said to be in thermal equilibrium if they have the same
a. temperature
b. amounts of heat
c. specific heat
d. thermal capacities
10. The transmission by conduction is most prominent in
a. liquids
b. solids
c. gases
d. liquids and gases
11.A person of mass 60kg climbs up 20m long staircase to the top of a building   10m high. If g=10ms-2 what is the work done by him? 
a. 3KJ
b. 6KJ
c. 12KJ
d. 24KJ
12. A body measures 8N in air and 5N in water. The buoyant force is
b. 13N
c. 8N
d. 5N
13. A body floats in a liquid contained in a breaker.  The whole system is    falling under gravity, the upthrust on the body due to liquid is
a. zero
b. equal to weight of body in air
c. equal to weight of liquid displaced
d. equal to weight of impressed part of the body
14. The minimum resultant of two forces 4N and 3N is
a. 7N
b. 4N
c. 3N
d. 1N
15. If F=8i-2j and r= 6i^ +8k^ then F.r. will be
a. 6 units
b. 8 units
c. 32 units
d. 48 units
16. Dimensions of impulse are
a. [ML-1T-2]
b. [MT-2]
c. [MLT-1]
d. [ML-1T-3]
17. Which of the following has the smallest value?
a. Fermi
b. millimeter
c. angstrom
d. micron
18. The radius of a sphere is 5cm. Its volume will be given by
a. 523.33cm3
b. 5.0x102cm3
c. 5.23x102cm3
d. 5x102cm3
19. The error in the measurement of radius of sphere is 0.3%. What is         percentage error in measurement of its volume?
a. 0.3%
b. 0.9%
c. 0.6%
d. 4/3π(0.3)3
20. An experiment measures quantities a,b,c and X is calculated from the    formula X=ab2/c3
    The percentage errors in a,b,c are  respectively. The           percentage error in x can be
b. 4%
21. The density of the material of a cube is measured by measuring its mass         and lengths of its sides if the maximum errors in the measurement of mass     and the length are 3% and 2% respectively, the maximum error in the   measurement of density is
a. 1%
b. 9%
c. 5%
d. 7%
22. If f=x2, then the relative error in f is
a. x/x
b. (∆x)2/x
c. (∆x)2
d. 2∆x/x
23. The significant figures in 0.009 is
a. 1
b. 3
c. 2
d. 4
24. The velocity ‘v’ of a particle is given in terms of time ‘t’ as v=at+
The dimensions of a,b,c, are
a. [L2][T][LT-2]
b. [LT02][L][T]
c. [LT-2][LT][L]
D. [L][LT][T2]
25. The dimensions of quantities in one or more pairs of the following are   same. Identify the pair
a. torque and force
b. angular momentum and work
c. energy and Young’s modules
d. light year and wave length
26.Checking the correctness of equation using the method of dimensions is based on
a. equality of inertial frames of reference
b. the types of system of units
c. principle of homogeneity of dimensions
d. none of these
27. [ML1L2T-2] represents
a. force
b. pressure
c.  work
d. Planck’s constant
28. Which of the following quantities is a scalar?
a. mass
b. velocity
c. momentum
d. displacement
29. The minimum number of vectors of unequal magnitude required to produce    zero resultant is
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. more than 4
30. Two vectors A and B obey the relation A+B=A-B and  is angle between       them, then
a. o
b. B=0
c. o
d. A=0
31. Two vectors A and B are A=2i^+5k^ and B=3j^+4k^ their scalar product is
a. 20
b. 5
c. 23
d. 26
32. The condition of vectors A and B to be perpendicular is
a. A.B.=1
b. AxB=0
c. A.B.=0
d. AxB=1
33. Given A=5i^+7j^-3k and B=2i^+2j-mk^. If A and B are perpendicular   vectors, then value of m is
a. -2
b. -7
c. 8
d. -8
34. A vehicle is moving with a uniform speed ‘v’ on a curved road of width ‘b’    and radius of curvature ‘R. For providing the centripetal force to the vehicle, the angle of elevation required between the outer and inner edges of the road           is
a. tan
b.  tan
c. tan
d. tan
35. Two cars of masses M1 and M2 are revolving with same speed on circular       paths of radii r1 and r2 respectively. The ratio of their centripetal         accelerations will be
36. Newton’s second law of motion connects
a. momentum and acceleration
b. change of momentum and velocity
c. rate of change of momentum and external force
d. rate of change of force and momentum
37. A particle is moving with a constant speed along a straight-line path.  A         force is not required to
a. increase its speed
b. decrease its momentum
c. change its direction
d. keep it moving with the same speed
38. Action and reaction forces do not balance each other because they
a. act on the same body
b. do not act on the same body
c. are in opposite directions
d. are not equal
39. An athlete runs some distance before taking a long jump so that he may
a. acquire large inertia of motion
b. overcome inertia of rest
c. get inertia of direction
d. acquired Kinetic energy
40. A machine gun fires  a bullet of mass 40gm with velocity 1200ms-1. The          person holding it can apply a maximum force of 144 Newton on the gun.  The maximum number of bullets that can be fired per second in
 a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 7
41. A force of 5N acts on a body of weight 9.8N. What is the acceleration   produced in M/s2.
a. 49.0
b. 1.96
c. 5.0
d. 0.51
42. The limiting friction between two bodies in contact independent of
a. nature of surfaces in contact
b. the area of surfaces in contact
c. normal reaction between the surfaces
d. all of the above
43. The Kinetic friction is always
a. less than rolling friction
b. equal to rolling friction
c. greater than rolling friction
d. may be less than, greater or equal to rolling friction
44. A force of 98N is required to pull a body of mass 100Kg over ice. The coefficient of friction is
a. 0.1
b. 0.8
c. 0.98
d. cannot be determined
45. The energy stored in a watch spring is
a. Kinetic energy
b. potential energy
c. heat energy
d. chemical energy
46. A motor boat is travelling with a speed of 30ms-1. If the force on it due to       water flow is 500N, the power of the boat is
a. 150KW
b. 1.5KW
c. 15KW
d. 150W
47. Nms-1 is the unit of
a. impulse
b. power
c. energy
d. work
48. When the force retards the motion of a body the work done is
a. zero
b. negative
c. positive
d. +ve or –ve depending upon situation
49. If the momentum of a body is doubled, the Kinetic energy is
a. halved
b. unchanged
c. doubled
d. increased four time
50. A body falling from a height of 10m rebounds from the floor. If it loses 2%    of energy in the impact, how high will it rebound?
a. 10m
b. 8m
c. 12m
d. none of the above
51. A uniform force of 4N acts on a body of mass 8Kg for a distance of 2.0m.
a. 8J
b. 64J
c. 4J
d. 16J
52. A force F acting on a body moving in a circle of radius r is always                   perpendicular to the instantaneous velocity v. The work done by the force on   the body in one complete revolution is
a. Fv
b. Fr
c. F.2
d. 0
53. Watt day is the unit of
a. power
b. energy
c. force
d. none
54. A hollow sphere and a solid sphere of same mass and radius are allowed to    roll down an inclined plane from same height simultaneously. Which will       read the bottom first
a. hollow sphere
b. solid sphere
c. both together
d. none of the above
55. Mass in linear motion has its analog in rotational motion
a. moment of inertia
b. angular momentum
c. torque
d. weight
56. Weight of force is called
     a. Torque
b. Weight
c. Moment of inertia
d. Angular momentum
57. Moment of inertia is independent of
a. Mass of body
b. Shape of body
c. Location of axis of rotation
d. Torque on the body
58. If earth shrinks suddenly to half of its present radius without change in mass, the duration of the day will be
     a. 24 hours
     b.6 hours
     c. 96 hours
     d. 12 hours
59. A boy suddenly  comes and sits on a circular rotating table. What will    remain conserved?
     a .Linear momentum
     b. Kinetic energy
     c. Angular momentum
      d. None of these
60. When the spring is loaded, the strain produced is
     a.  Longitudinal
     b. Volumetric
     c. Shearing
     d. None
61. The property of metals which allows them to be drawn into thin wires    beyond their elastic limit without rupture is called
a. Ductibility
b. Elasticity
c. Malleability
d. Hardness
62 In steel the Young’s modulus and the strain at the breaking point are 2x1011 Nm-2 and 0.15 respectively. The stress at the breaking point for steels is therefore
          c. 1.33x1012Nm-2
63. If the temperature of a liquid is raised, then its surface tensionis
a. Decreased
b. Increased
c. Irregular
d. Equal to viscosity
64. Due to capillary action a liquid will fall in a tube, if the angles of contact is
a. Acute
b. Obtuse
c. 90O
d. Zero
65.  The CGS unit of coefficient of viscosity is
a. Poise
b. Newton
c. Kg-m-1s-1
66. The clouds float in atmosphere because of
a. Their low temperature
b. Their low viscosity
c. Their low density
d. Creation of low pressure
67. The menisas of mercury in a capillary tube is
a. Convex
b. Concave
c. Plane
d. Uncertain
68. Hooke’s law essentially defines
a. Stress
b. Strain
c. Field point
d. Elastic limit
69.  Unit of modulus of elasticity is
 a. Dyne/cm
b. Dyne/cm2
c. Dyne-cm
d. Dynes
70.The menisas of mercury in a capillary tube is
a. convex
b. concave
c. plane
d. uncertain
71. Hooke’s law essentially defines
a. stress
b. strain
c. field point
d. elastic limit
72. Which one of the following quantities does not have the unit of force per        unit area
a. stress
b. strain
c. Young’s modulus of elasticity
d. pressure
73.Water is flowing through a tube of non-uniform cross-section. If the ration               of the radius of the tube at the entrance and exist is 3:2 then the ratio of         velocity of liquid entering and leaving the tube is
a. 8:27
b. 4:9
c. 1:1
d. 9:4
74. Soap helps in better cleaning of clothes because
a. it reduces the surface tension of solution
b. it gives strength of solution
c. it absorbs the dirt
d. chemical of soaps change
75. When water is heated from 0oC to 100oC its volume
    a. increases
    b. decreases
    c. remains unchanged
    d. first decreases and then increase


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