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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

S.B. Roll No.___________
1st Exam/Common/2355/Dec-2011
Duration: 3Hrs.                                                                                         Max. Marks: 75
Q1. A) Choose the correct answer
(i)                The waves length associated with a particle of mass ‘m’ and moving with  velocity V is given by    where ‘n’ is Plank’s constant.
(a) ML2T                                                          (b) ML1T-1
(c)M1L-1T-1                                                                      (d) ML2T-1

(ii)             If  then angle between and is
(a)  0                                                        (c)                           
(b)                                                         (d) 5
(iii)           A body is not in transletory equilibrium when
(a)  Resultant force on it is zero              (b) It is at rest
(b) It is in accelerated motion                 (d) It is in uniform motion.
(iv)           A boat anchor is rocked by waves whose crests are 100m apart and whose velocity is 25m/s. These waves strike the boat once every:
(a)  2500sec                                             (c) 0.25sec
(b) 1500sec                                             (d) 4sec
(v)             Hydrogen and nitrogen are at the same temperature. The modules of which one of them will have more average K.E?
(a)  Hydrogen
(b) Both have equal K.E.                       
(c)   Depends upon actual value of temperature
(d) Nitrogen
B)     State true or false
(i)                All molecular motion cases at OoC
(ii)             All materials expand when heated
(iii)           Steel is more elastic than rubber.
(iv)           All parts of rotating wheel have same angular acceleration.
(v)             A cyclist cannot negotiate a curve without bending himself.
C)    Fill in the blanks:
        (1) If a light and heavy body have equal K.E, the lighter body has …… momentum.
        (2) If normal reaction is doubled, the co-efficient of friction is……….
        (3) If  then  is a ……… vector.
        (4) W=Mass  X………  X……..
        (5) When sand is poured on a rotating disc its angular velocity will……..
Q2. Attempt any six questions.
(i)                The frequency of vibration (v) of a stretched string depends upon the load applied T, length l, and its mass per unit length . Find dimensionally the formula of frequency.
(ii)             Find a unit vector that perpendicular to both  where  and
(iii)           State and prove Newton’s third law of motion.
(iv)           A ball is dropped from rest at a height of 12m. If it loses 25% of its K.E. on striking the ground, what is the height to which it bounces? How do you account for this loss in K.E?
(v)             What do you mean by banking of roads? Why is it done? A train has to negotiate a curve of radius 400m. By how much the outer as compared with the linear for a speed of 48km/n? Given that the distance between rails is in.
Q3. Attempt any three questions.
1.     (a) Distinguish between streamline and turbulent flow.
(b)State and prove- Bermoulli’s  theorem.
2.       What are ultrasonic’s? Explain how these are produced by piczoelectric method. Give two applications of ultra Sonics?
3.       (a) What are systematic errors? Explain with example different types of systematic errors. How can each of these be minimized?
(b)The young’s modulus (y) of material is given by the relation y=. If the percentage error in W(=Mg), L, r and l are 0.5%, 1%, 3%, 4% respectively. What is the percentage error in y.
4.       (a) Distinguish among positive, negative and zero work done? Give example of each.
(b)Define power obtain expression of power in terms of force and velocity?
(c)What should be the power of an engine required to lift 90 tonnes of coat per hour from a mine whose depth is 200m? (g=9.8m/s2, 1 tonne=1000kg)
5.       (a) Define the terms torque and angular momentum. What is the relation between the two?
(b) A man sitting at the centre of rotating table with his arms out stretched. Angular speed of table is 40rpm. If the man folds his hands to reduce his moment of inertia to 2/5 of its initial values, what will be new angular speed?


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