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Sunday, November 29, 2015

S.B.Roll No…………
                             ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS- 1                                              1ST EXAM/COMMON-A/Dec,11
Time:3Hrs.                                                                           M.Marks:75
I 1)    Define  communication .Enlist and explain the objectives of  communication in an organization ?
Enlist has an important  place in communication.Elaborate.
Humor has an important place  in communication.Elaborate.
2)      Write short notes on any3 of following in not more than 30 words:
a)Explain with the help of chart the process of communication.
b)Write  5 examples of written communication.
C) Explain personal barriers in communication.
d)Write the importance of body language in communication.
e)Write  the role  of silence  in communication.
II       A) State  whether the following are true  or false:
          1)Listening  and hearing mean the same thing.
          2)Note taking helps in understanding an abstract and difficult  subject.
          3) Listening proficiency cannot be assessed.
          4)Fear  of public speaking is an emotional barrier.
5)A good speech is audience oriented
B) Choose the right answer in the Following
1. Listening  is done to_
a)Obtain information                         b)Share experiences                
c)solve problems                               d) all the above
2) The  situation where the  speaker speaks in  a shirll  voice is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________ barrier.
a) Psychological                                b)physical                                         c)language                                d)noise
3Which of the following is not an essential skill for  Listening.
 a)Taking down  notes                      b)fighting  distraction  
c)Concentrating on main points                 d)speking
4)Effective speaking should not be:
a)Incomplete                                     b)Long winded
c)Courteous                                                d) incorrect
5)Which of the following doesn`t come  under the heading of Voice.
a)Pitch                                               b)perception
c)volume                                           d)rate
c) Give very short answers
a) Write one physical barrier of  Listening .
b)Write two industries where  Listening skill are particularly most relevant.
c)Apart from  main  points, what other things  can be included in the notes.
d)Enlist any two barriers to speaking.
e)List any four qualities needed for good communication ,according to F.j. Bergen.

III.     A) Read the passage carefully and answer the question given at the end
The distance from Malden to Hampton is about five hundred miles. By walking,begging  rides in wagons and in cars,in same way,after a number of  days,I reached the  city of Richmond,Virginia ,about  eighty two  miles from Hampton. When I reached there , tired, hungery,and  dirty ,it was late in the  night.
I had  never been  in a large city ,and not a single  acquaintance in misery. When I  reached Richmond ,I was completely out of money.I had  not a single acquaintance in the place, and being unused to city ways.I did not  know where  to go: I asked at several place for lodging, but they all wanted money, and that was what I did not have . knowing nothing else  better to do , I walked the streets.
I must have walked the streets till after midnight. At last I became so exhausted that I could walk non longer I was hungry, I was tired, I was everything but discouraged. Just about the time when I reached extreme physical exhaustion, I came upon a portion of street where the broad sidewalk was considerably elevated. I waited for a few minutes till I was sure that no passerby could see me, and then crept under the sidewalk and lay for the night on the ground, with my satchel of clothing for a pillow. Nearly all night I could hear the tramp of feet over my head.

Q1. How did he reach Richmond?
Q2. How far is Richmond from Hampton?
Q3. Why did he feel miserable in Richmond?
Q4. Where did he sleep?
Q5. Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the passage:
I felt………….. after the walk.
Q6. Give the meaning of the following words in simple English:
(a)  Acquaintance (b) tramp
Q7. The word exhaustion has ‘ion’ as a suffix? Write down another word with ion as suffix.

B) Read the following stanza carefully and answer the question given at the end:
My window pane is starred with frost; the world is bitter could tonight,
The moon is cruel and the wind is like a two edged sword to smile.
God pity all the homeless ones, the beggars pacing too and fro.
God pity all the poor tonight, who walk the lamp-lit streets of snow.
My room is like a bit of June, warm and close-curtained fold on fold
But somewhere like a homeless child, my heart is crying in the cold.

Q1. What type of weather has been described in the poem?
Q2. What has been the wind been compared to?
Q3. Whom does the poet pity?
Q4. Is the poet’s room comfortable?
Q5. How does the poet feel?
Q6. Why has the room been compared to June?

IV.     Write a paragraph of about 120-150 words on any one of the following:
(a)  Ragging in professional institutions OR
(b) Environmental pollution OR
(c)  How is college life different from school life? OR
(d) A visit a museum

V.      Make sentences using following pair of words to bring out their difference in meaning (any four) accept, except; air, heir, angel, angle, dear deer, fair, fare, dew, due; very, vary, bale, bail, waist, waste, cereal, serial.

VI.     Do as directed
1.     My mother is …………… better today. (too, much, very)
2.     As……… as a fox. 
3.     Man proposes ……… God disposes.     
4.     Use the word ‘book’ as noun and verb in a sentence.
5.     I go for a walk every day.  
6.     The money will have been recovered now.  
7.     Write with link.
8.     Inayatt is my cousin letter.
9.     She wrote me a letter.
10.            The thief was arrested.


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