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 8.   B.Tech. Civil (Construction Management)  (Water Resources Engineering) (Aero Space Engineering)  BTCM-BTWRE

 9.   B.Tech. VIEP- Electrical Engineering III (BTCSVIBTECVIBTELVI)

 10.  Bachelor Of Architecture (B.ARCH)

 11.  Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) BTME

 12.  BSC (Nautical Science)


 14.  Certificate in Craft and Design (Pottery)

 15.  Certificate In Energy Technology And Management (CETM)

 16.  Certificate in Leather Goods Making (CLGM)

 17.  Certificate in Shoe Lasting and Finishing (CSLF)

 18.  Certificate in Shoe Upper Cutting  (CSUC)

 19.  Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution (CCPD)

 20.  Diploma in Civil Engineering (DCLE - G)

 21.  Diploma in Civil Engineering (DCLE)

 22.  Diploma In Civil Engineering (DCLEVI)  Advanced Level Certificate In Civil Engineering (ACCLEVI)  (DCLEVI)  B.Tech. Civil Engineering (BTCLEVI)

 23.  Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

 24.  Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DMEVI) & B.Tech. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1-4 (BTMEVI)

 25.  Diploma -VIEP-Computer Science and Engineering  (DCSVI)Advanced Level O Certificate Course In Cse  (ACCSVI) B.Tech. Computer Science And Engineering (BTCSVI)

 26.  Diploma -VIEP-Electrical Engineering (DELVI)Advanced Level Certificate Course In Electrical  Engineering (ACELVI)

 27.  M.Sc. Fashion Merchandising And Retail Management (MSCFMRM)

 28.  M.Sc. Footwear Technology (MSCFWT)

 29.  M.Sc. In Creative Design CADCAM (MSCCRD)

 30.  M.Sc. In Leather Goods And Accessories Design (MSCLGAD)

 31.  M.Sc. Visual Merchandizing and Communication Design (MSCVMCD)

 32.  Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety, Health and Environment Management PGDM (ISHE)

 33.  Post Graduate Diploma In Management In Industrial Safety, Health And Environment Pgdm (ISHE)




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