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BBA (Sem. - 2nd) BUSINESS LAWS - I SUBJECT CODE : BB - 203 Paper ID : [C0209J
|Note: Please fill subject code and paper ID on OMR]
Time : 03 Hours                                                                                                               Maximum Marks : 60
Instruction to Candidates:
1)             Section - A is Compulsory.
2)             Attempt any Four questions from Section - B.

Section - A
a)         What do you mean by Free Consent?
b)         Kinds of offer.

c)          What is unlawful consideration?
d)         What do you understand by a person of unsound mind?
e)          What is undue influence?
f)           Explain 'agreement to sell'?
g)          Distinguish between Condition and Warranty?
h)      What do you understand by Transfer of Property?
i)      What is 'Sub-Partner'?
      Explain'Particular Partnership'?

Section - B
(4* 10 = 40)
Q2)  Define Acceptance? Explain the rules of a valid acceptance.
Q3)  What are the various remedies available to a party in case of breach of contract?



Q4)     Define a'contract of sale? Explain its important features.
Q5)     Who is an unpaid seller and what are the rights of an unpaid seller?
Q6)     Define partnership? What are the essentials of partnership?
Q7)     Discuss various ways in which partnership firm can be dissolved?




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