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Roll No...................................                                                                                      Total No. of Pages : 2
Total No. of Questions : 07
Paper ID : [C0212]
Time : 3 Hrs.                                                                                                                    Max. Marks : 60

INSTRUCTION TO CANDIDATES :                                                
1.    SECTION-A is COMPULSORY.                                        
2.    Attempt any FOUR questions from SECTION-B.

SECTION-A                            (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)

What is MS-Outlook application used for in MS- Office?
(d)   List few advantages of using internet
(e)   Name few browsers that can be used to browse the internet and briefly explain any one
(f)    Write the importance of e-mail in current working scenario.
(g)   List and briefly describe the different protocols available for communication over internet?
(h)  What is a search engine? Name few popular commonly used search
(i)   What do you mean by SDN & where do we use it. ?
(j) What are netiquettes? List a few of them that you observe.

SECTION-B                            (4 x 10 = 40 Marks)
2. Write stepwise procedure to create an Excel Sheet containing result of a particular batch of students. Each student studies five different subjects and has scored certain marks out of 60 for each subject. Write the steps

[A-12]   (S-3) 1110
to also find                                                               
a)    Total marks scored by each student
b)      Average marks in each subject
c)       Maximum marks in each subject
d)      Minimum marks in each subject
3. Create an excel sheet containing copy of the data in question 2 and generated information for its sub-parts. Write the stepwise procedure to draw the Bar Chart depicting %age of pass students subject wise, overall pass percentage (pass percentage can be assumed to be set at 40% of max marks).
4 . Discuss the evolution of internet and its growth over period of time. How has internet revolutionized the academic activities and its impact on the human lives? Illustrate your answer with a suitable example.

5. Write functions and importance of MS-Outlook tool in MS-0ffice with emphasis on following components
a)       Calendar
b)      Appointments
c)       Tasks
d)      Address book

6.     Explain in detail different ways of connecting to internet including Dial-up,
Broadband and ISDN. Also compare the above mentioned different ways
of connection in term of parameters like convenience, speed, cost, security
and reliability of connection.
7.     Explain the different protocols used over internet for data transfer covering
protocols like HTTP, FTP and TCP/IP.



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